In order to help the vulnerable children in our community through workshops and sponsorships, we depend on donations from people all over the world. Since we are a non-profit organisation, it is most important for us to guarantee full transparency and accountability to our donors. Thus, we always provide receipts and photos of the things we buy for the children, so you know exactly where your money went.

If you want to make a contribution to our organization, we kindly ask you to transfer your donation to our NVCDF bank account or use PAYPAL (see further information below).

Here are our bank account details:

Beneficiary Name: Nkuringo Vulnerable Children Development Foundation (NVCDF)

Account number: 3201989490


Branch Name: Kisoro

Bank Name: Centenary Rural Development Bank LTD

If you would rather like to donate via PAYPAL, please click here and we will direct you to our German partner NGO „Kuyamba – Kinderhife Uganda“, with whom we have a longlasting partnership. They will then transfer the whole amount to our account. Just make sure you click on the British flag (Union Jack) in the upper left corner to switch the page contents to English if you don’t understand German.

Thank you very much for your support!

As a non-profit organization, we promise and guarantee that every donation will ONLY be used
for the benefit of the needy children in our community of Nkuringo.