School Sponsorships

In Uganda a good school education can make the difference between poverty and prosperity. Therefore, we strive to provide good education to all children whose families cannot afford to send them to school.

We strongly believe that all of our children deserve a fair chance to fulfil their potential and to reach the goals they set for themselves. That is why, we provide school sponsorships to the needy and vulnerable children of Nkuringo.

These sponsorships include school fees (mostly of private schools), school materials such as books and pens etc., clothing (casual and school uniforms), food, toiletries and much more.

So far, with the help of our friends and partners from „KUYAMBA – Kinderhilfe Uganda in Germany we have been able to permanently send dozens of children to school who otherwise would have had to stay at home and work hard to increase the family income.

A good school education offers them many opportunities in life and opens up doors that would otherwise be shut for them forever.

Educational Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops to the children in our foundation. These workshop are designed to teach them special skills that help them support themselves and their families, now and in the future.

All workshops take place on the grounds of our organisation every weekend, so we organise transport for the children so they can attend our meetings. In the following, we will give you some examples of the educational workshops at NVCDF.

Computer Training

Thanks to the donation of a laptop and iPad by our friends from KUYAMBA in Germany, we have been able to teach our children some basic computer skills. Those are especially important with regard to the fast growing tourism industry in Nkuringo, which will offer many job opportunities in the future. In order for our children to apply for some of these jobs, however, they must have a basic understanding of computer systems, applications and of course the internet.

Animal Keeping

Goat and sheep keeping are inextricably connected with our culture. This is why it is very important for us to pass this skill on to the children at NVCDF. In order to teach them how to breed and raise domestic animals and how to use their manure for vegetable growing, we built a big shelter on the grounds of our organisation and bought several goats and sheep. Thus, the children learn how to profit from these animals, but also how to keep them in a species-appropriate and sustainable way.

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetables are the most important source of food in Uganda. Thus, knowing how to grow them yourself is a great way to save money and to ensure a healthy diet. We built a big vegetable garden on our NVCDF premises, where we teach children how to plan and plant a vegetable garden and how to grow and harvest vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, salad and many more. Our children also get to take home seedlings to start their own vegetable beds.

Mushroom Growing

Our latest project is also our most ambitious so far. Growing mushrooms is quite a complicated process, but we are proud and happy to have produced some very fine results so far. Our children learn how to plant, grow and harvest mushrooms which are then sold to some lodges in Nkuringo, as mushrooms are in high demand. All profits from selling these mushrooms are directly reinvested in our many projects, so the children directly benefit from the money generated by the mushroom project.

Music and Dance

Music, singing and dancing are a vital part of Ugandan culture. Our children love to sing and dance together. Some of the songs they perform are traditional, others are originals that we composed ourselves. Whenever people visit our foundation, the children are happy to show their talent and present our rich musical culture to our visitors in a special performance.